BHMA A156.10 for Pedestrian Doors Updated

BHMA A156.10 has been updated.  The title is Power Operated Pedestrian Doors.  The new 2017 Edition replaces the 2011 Edition, which is now obsolete.  It can be purchased in both paper format and for pdf download from Document Center Inc.  We are an authorized distributor of all of the BHMA standards.

The BHMA A156.10 has been developed for power operated doors used by pedestrians.  These are the doors that open automatically when you approach.  The standard addresses not only correct performance but how the door should handle the possibility of user injury or entrapment.  And these types of doors are for regular foot and personal mobility traffic.  They are not intended for industrial use.

BHMA A156.10 starts out with the usual scope and definitions sections.  This provides thorough coverage, even including a table on the conversion of feet and inches values to metric ones.  Sections 3, 4 and 5 are on swinging doors, sliding doors and folding doors respectively.  Then Section 6 is on guide rails and Section 7 covers control mats.  Section 8 is 8 pages of sensor requirements.  And Section 9 reviews “knowing act” door activation.  These types of activation require an action on the part of the user, like pressing a handicap button to activate the door.

Section 10 is on the issues surrounding entrapment protection.  Section 11 covers signage, for such things as the “do not enter” sign for one-way swinging doors and “in emergency push to open” signs for sliding doors.  Section 12 concludes the text with various tests for the 3 types of automatic doors (swinging, folding, and sliding).

You’ll find additional material in the Appendices.  These 5 informative sections are composed of a series of figures, each describing a particular aspect of design and/or safety.  These can include signage examples, activation and safety zones, and so on.  Additional terms are defined in Appendix C.  And suggestions for other useful standards are included in Appendix D.

Now to get your copy of this new update.  Head to Document Center’s webstore at  Here you can search for and order from our catalog of over 1 million standards.  For your convenience, here is a direct link to the order page for BHMA A156.10.  It is also known as ANSI/BHMA A156.10.

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