ANSI Z245.1 2017 Released for Garbage Truck Safety

ANSI Z245.1 has just been updated and the 2017 Edition is available from Document Center Inc. now.  The update is titled Mobile Wastes and Recyclable Materials Collection, Transportation, and Compaction Equipment – Safety Requirements.  This morning was our garbage collection day and I followed our garbage guy down the street as I was heading to work.  I’m probably showing my age, but garbage collection is radically different today than when I was a kid.  As I watched the “arms” of the truck grab my neighbors trash cans (and tip one over I might add), I marveled at the changes in the industry.

But with all the additional equipment now on-board, garbage truck safety has got to be a big concern for both truck manufacturers and waste disposal companies.  Here is where ANSI Z245.1 comes into play.  The document addresses equipment safety requirements for equipment for mobile trash collection, including recyclables.  It revises the previous 2012 Edition, which is now obsolete. You’ll need to use the new edition moving forward.  Old equipment does not need to be retrofitted.  Note: the provision amendment for the 2012 Edition (concerning fall protection) is still in force.  Let us know if you need a copy.

ANSI Z245.1 is appropriate for use by those who manufacture, reconstruct or modify, operate, clean and maintenance, service or repair mobile collecting, transporting, and compacting equipment.  It does not address requirements for equipment used for hazardous or flammable materials.  A wide variety of equipment is covered by the standard.  They range from the usual garbage trucks you see in your neighborhood to trailers used to transport waste from one location to another, to satellite vehicles for receiving and transporting waste.  Those “arms” that I spoke of are also covered by this document.

For those of you who like pictures included in your standards, there are plenty of figures in this one!  For example, Table 8.1 provides you with safety signage requirements.  Columns include a reference number, the specific hazard, where the signage should be placed (location), size, font size, and the ANSI warning label to be used.

With 2.12 billion tons of trash being generated globally each year, you can understand why trash collection equipment, including recycling capabilities, are so important.  At the beginning of the publication, you’ll see the wide range of participation that the National Waste and Recycling Association (the caretaker of this standard) was able to achieve.  It’s clear that the industry is moving quickly to support societal needs with regards to improved collection, recycling and disposal of waste.

To get your copy of the ANSI Z245.1 2017 Edition, please go to the Document Center Inc. web store at  We have worked with ANSI for many years and are an authorized distributor of the Z245 standards.  Here is a direct link to the order page for ANSI Z245.1.

You may have additional questions or need help identifying and purchasing the standards you need.  Document Center Inc. offers you the knowledgeable assistance so often missing in our online world.  Get in touch with us by phone (650-591-7600) or email ( We respond quickly to your requests and are happy to help you.  Make us your Standards Experts!

Oh! And about that tipped can…  It was clear that our garbage collector was in a hurry this morning, since he skipped a couple of houses after his unsuccessful effort to grab the one he toppled.  Standards developers can only do so much, I’m afraid!


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