AS 478 P – Identification Marking Methods

AS 478, Identification Marking Methods, has just been revised.  The new Revision P cancels and replaces the previous Revision N from 2007.  It’s an SAE Aerospace Standard.  The updated publication is available from Document Center Inc. now.  You can get your copy in paper format, for pdf download, or as part of our enterprise cloud access service, Standards Online.

AS 478 is widely used in the aerospace industry.  It provides you with a number of useful requirements.  These cover definitions of marking terms, symbols for marking locations, rules and restrictions for permanent markings, and types of marking methods.  It also contains the rules for designating marking methods and a table with a list of marking methods.

Of course, many of you use this standard to specify your marking methods on engineering drawing of parts and assemblies.  So you’ll want to know where the changes in the 15-page standard have occurred.  The SAE committee in charge has put black lines in the margins of the standard so you can find the updated areas easily.

They also confirm at the beginning of the document that the following areas have been revised:

  • Section 6 (on the rules for designating marking methods)
  • Table 1, Method 1C (correcting a mistake in the maximum depth)
  • General editorial revisions

Now to get your copy.  Of course, you’ll use an authorized distributor like Document Center Inc. to confirm that you’re complying with the rules of copyright.  You can search for and order SAE standards with confidence from our web store, Here is a direct link to the order page for the AS 478 for your convenience.  And if you’d like to see the history of this publication, here is a link to the Revision History for AS 478.

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