ASTM E1354 Heat and Smoke Testing

ASTM E1354 has just been updated and the 2017 Edition is available from Document Center Inc. now.  The standard is titled Standard Test Method for Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates for Materials and Products Using an Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter.  It has been frequently updated, making it a great candidate for inclusion in our Standards Online cloud-based enterprise solution.

I attended the SES conference in Chicago last week and one of the most enjoyable things we did is take a tour of UL headquarters.  We put on our safety goggles and watched UL employees do a wide variety of tests.  I really enjoyed seeing the test instruments and the tests themselves, since I only know them by the various documents we sell.  You can bet, there was a lot of smoke, fire, and explosions during the tour!

The ASTM E1354 is just one of the many ASTM standards routinely used for fire testing.  It is specifically designed to determine ignitability, heat release rates, mass loss rates, the effective heat of combustion, and visible smoke development of materials and products.  This is provided by measuring oxygen consumption, the flow rate in the exhaust, mass loss combined with heat release, and the obscuration of light.

Changes in the new 2017 Edition include updates to sub-clauses and  Sub-clause A1.4.1.1 on CO2 analyzer delay time was added to the Annex A1, which is a mandatory part of the standard.  Also, sub-clause 8.1.6 on samples for asymmetrical products was added.

I mentioned that users of ASTM E1354 should consider purchasing this document as part of our Standards Online subscription.  Why?  This annual subscription provides you with all revisions of the standards you include at no additional charge.  So you not only get company-wide access to your critical standards, you also have confidence that your copies are always up-to-date.

If you’d like more information, contact us by phone (650-591-7600) or email (  You can also order the ASTM standards you need at our web store:  Here is a direct link to the order page for ASTM E1354 for your convenience.  Document Center Inc. has a wide array of products and services to solve your compliance documentation requirements.  Make us your Standards Experts!


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