ASTM E384 2016 Edition Released

ASTM E384, “Standard Test Method for Microindentation Hardness of Materials,” has just been revised.  The new 2016 Edition is available in a variety of formats from Document Center Inc., an authorized distributor of the ASTM standards.  The new Edition replaces the 2011 Edition (with an editorial change from 2012), which is now obsolete.  This is a major revision and should be purchased by all users of this publication.

The ASTM E384 provides you with the details of performing both the Knoop and Vickers microindentation tests.  However, you will notice that the title has changed from the previous edition to focus back on the microindentation test itself, rather than to limit it to just Knoop and Vickers.  This is a test that involves the use of a diamond indenter and a calibrated machine that applies force to the  material in question using this indenter.  A hardness number is then determined using calculations provided in this document.

If you’re using the ASTM E384, you’re wondering what has changed in this new revision.  Let’s put it this way, what hasn’t changed?  There’s not 1 page of technical material that has not been revised.  In fact much of the technical information has been completely rewritten.  For this reason, you may want to purchase the redline edition of the document.  This will provide you with a clean copy of the 2016 Edition along with a “marked-up” copy of the previous 2011e1 Edition.

Now the next question is where to purchase your copy.  Use Document Center’s webstore at to search for and order any ASTM standard.  Here’s a direct link to the order page for ASTM E384.  You’ll see that you can order both the paper format and a pdf download online.  If you’d like enterprise-wide access to any ASTM standard, check in with our staff for information on setting up a Standards Online service.  This allows you to access the standards you need on our cloud-based platform.  You can reach us by phone at 650-591-7600 or by email at

We’ve been selling standards since 1982 and have extensive knowledge on how you can best use this type of compliance information.  Make us your Standards Experts!

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