BS PAS 17271 – Fraud Protection

BS PAS 17271 on protecting consumers from financial fraud has just been released.  The title of this publication is Protecting customers from financial harm as a result of fraud or financial abuse. Code of practice.  It is one of the series of Publicly Available Standards published by BSI and available from Document Center Inc.

This new PAS is interesting in a number of ways.  Although it has been specifically developed for the UK stakeholders, it certainly can be applied anywhere on the globe.  It represents the current move to standardize areas that are not part of the usual engineering focus addressed by standards in the past.  And it shows how industry sectors can rely on standardization to help solve a wide range of public safety concerns.

FYI:  BS PAS 17271 is not a requirement for non-UK organizations.  It is intended for use by British firms managing the money or other financial assets of UK consumers.  This could include banks, credit unions, pension managers, and so on.

The BS PAS 17271 covers three main areas where good practices can make a difference.  These are:

  • Recommendations for protecting customers from financial harm that might occur as a result of fraud or financial abuse
  • Guidance on spotting at risk customers, assessing the potential risks to them  and actions to take to prevent or minimize financial harm
  • Guidance on supporting customers, inluding minimizing future risks, in cases where fraud or financial abuse has already occurred

You’ll be pleased to know the document includes detailed recommendations, guidance and a comprehensive checklist for organizations implementing best practices in this area.

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