ESD ADV1.0 Updated – EOS/ESD Glossary

ESD ADV1.0 has been revised.  The new 2017 Edition is available now from Document Center Inc. in both paper format and for pdf download.  The title of this publication is ESD Association Advisory for Electrostatic Discharge Terminology – Glossary.  This new update replaces the previous 2014 Edition which is now obsolete.

ESD ADV1.0 is a 42-page compilation of terms used in the electrical overstress/electrostatic discharge (EOS/ESD) community.  It is the complete list of terminology used by the ESDA organization in all of its publications.  Current definitions are included as well as some obsolete terms.  This is important because the electrostatic discharge industry does have some special usages for terms familiar to the wider electrical and electronics industry.

Definitions start in Clause 3 on page 1 and continue through page 35.  Then a 4-page index covers the location of all of the terms included in the advisory.  What kinds of terms are covered?  Well, let’s just say it runs the gamut from “A” (AC equipment ground) to “Z” (Zap (colloquial term)).

If you have any electrostatic concerns within your organization (and all of you with cleanrooms do!), then the standards of the ESDA (EOS/ESD Association Inc.) are essential to your operation.  This glossary is a foundation document, providing you with a clearer understanding of the technical terms used in these standards.  Purchase your copy of this update from an authorized distributor like Document Center Inc.

Single copies can be purchased via our webstore,  Here is a link to the order page for ESD ADV1.0 for your convenience.  You may prefer company-wide access to this and other standards. Use our Standards Online cloud service.  You’ll choose the critical standards you need and we’ll host them for you for an annual fee.  Just get in touch with our staff for more information.  We can be reached by phone (650-591-7600) or email (

Critical compliance standards present some unique challenges.  Document Center Inc. has been working with these publications since 1982.  We have the knowledge to assist you with many of your document control challenges.  And we have an array of products and services especially designed to help you manage this activity.  Make us your Standards Experts!

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