IEC 61131-2 Updated – Programmable controller equipment

The IEC 61131-2 Edition 4.0 is now available.  This standard is titled Industrial-process measurement and control – Programmable controllers – Part 2: Equipment requirements and tests.  The new 2017 Edition replaces the previous Edition 3.0 from 2007.  It is a technical update, so if you’re using this standard you’ll need to purchase the new edition.  Be sure to buy your copy from an authorized IEC distributor like Document Center Inc.

The IEC 61131-2 includes specific requirements and tests for industrial control equipment.  This equipment includes programmable controllers, programmable automation controllers, remote I/O, programming and debugging tools, industrial PCs, displays and other human-machine interfaces, and other distributed control systems.  This is the equipment that drives automated industrial processes — by batch, discrete or continuous control.

The standard reviews such areas as testing and verification, operating conditions, and tests and requirements for temperature, climate, mechanical, functional (for power supplies and other components), and EMC.  Marking and documentation requirements are also specified.

IEC 61131-2 is organized into 8 Clauses.  The first 3 are the usual scope, referenced documents, and definition sections.  These are followed by information on compliance and type tests.  Clause 5 covers normal service conditions and requirements.  Clause 6 is on the functional requirements.  EMC requirements are defined in Clause 7.  And marking and manufacturer-supplied information is the topic of Clause 8.  There are an additional 6 Annexes.  They are a mix of informative and normative (must comply) information.  Coverage includes temperature derating for altitude, Zone C – EMC immunity levels, legacy techniques deemed out-of-date and no longer valid, and so on.  A 24-item bibliography completes the standard.

There have been a number of changes to this new revision.  You’ll find them listed in the foreword of the document, as well as on the Document Center order page for IEC 61131-2.  You’ll be able to order this standard in either paper format or for pdf download.  Should you prefer to get company-wide cloud access, check in with our staff by phone (650-591-7600) or email (  Along with information on Standards Online, we can also tell you about other compliance-supporting services we offer.

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