IPC-A-640 Acceptance Requirements for IPC-D-640 Optical Fiber Assemblies

IPC-A-640 has just been released.  This new standard is a companion to the IPC-D-640 on optical fiber, cable and wiring.  The title of the new publication is Acceptance Requirements for Optical Fiber, Optical Cable, and Hybrid Wiring Harness Assemblies.  You’ll use it for cable and wire harness assemblies incorporating optical fiber, optical cable and hybrid wiring technology.  It’s available from Document Center Inc. now in pdf format.

IPC-D-640, Design and Critical Process Requirements for Optical Fiber, Optical Cable and Hybrid Wiring, was released last year.  It’s intended for use by design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and quality engineers.  The 100-page document covers all aspect of design for what’s termed “FOCS,” fiber optic cable systems.  This ranges from design philosophy to choice of materials, assembly, installation, cleaning, documentation, and tailoring.  Appendices provide you with additional information about military applications, verification test methods, and a verification and validation matrix.

The new sister publication, IPC-A-640, has the same basic structure as the IPC-D-640.  It is also intended for the same audience.  However, the standard provides you with detailed acceptance requirements as well as technical insights.  So this is where you’ll find the specifics for each section of the IPC-D-640.

There are extensive color illustrations provided. You’ll be able to see examples of both correct and non-compliant variations for specific component parts.  And you’ll also receive an excel spreadsheet with a verification and validation checklist.

IPC has been moving away from CD Rom distribution in recent years.  Normally new IPC standards are available in both paper and non-printing PDF format.  Sites (and global) licenses can also be purchased.  At this time, only the PDF format and site license are available for this new publication.  Order them from the Document Center Inc. webstore, www.document-center.com.  Here are direct links to the order page for IPC-A-640 single user PDF, the IPC-D-640 paper format, and the IPC-D-640 PDF. Document Center Inc. is an authorized dealer for the IPC standards.

Should you have additional questions, please get in touch with us.  You can reach us by phone (650-591-7600) or email (info@document-center.com).  We have been selling standards since 1982 and have the knowledge missing at so many standards outlets.  Make Document Center Inc. your Standards Experts!

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