ISO 21930 2017 – EPDs for Construction

ISO 21930 has been updated.  The new 90-page 2nd Edition is available now from Document Center Inc.  It’s titled Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works – Core rules for environmental product declarations of construction products and services.  It’s used by the building sector to provide information about the environmental aspects of construction works.

These types of communications are called Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).  As part of the suite of ISO standards available on building sustainability, this document specifically addresses environmental impacts only.  It also complements ISO 14025 since it covers the EPD for construction products and services.

EPD’s require the compilation of information related to the environmental performance of a building or other construction work.  So you’ll need to first develop the information for the EPD, then create a report with the necessary details.

The ISO 21930 begins with the usual scope, referenced document and definition sections.  That’s followed by a list of abbreviated terms.  With Section 5, the core requirements begin.  This section is on the general aspects, including information on objectives, life cycle stages and so on.  Next the standard reviews PCR (Product Category Rules) development and use.  Section 7 addresses LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) with a review of the methodological framework, inventory analysis, and impact assessment indicators you’ll be using.  Section 8 covers additional environment information needed in the EPD.

Now that all the information’s been gathered, Section 9 moves into the content of the EPD itself.  And Section 10 covers the project report.  Verification and validity of the EPD is defined in Section 11.  There is 1 normative (required) Annex, as well as 4 informative ones.  They review various concerns like the release of dangerous substances, environmental indicators from the LCA, and so on.   A 41-item Bibliography completes this standard.

Those of you already using the ISO 21930 1st Edition will want to know what the changes are.  The 2nd Edition is a technical update, replacing the now-obsolete 1st Edition.  Changes are extensive.  Review the list from the committee in the forwarding material on pages v and vi.  These changes will definitely impact your use of the standard.

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