ISO 28590 – Inspection by Attributes

ISO 28590 and an additional seven standards in the series have just been released.  These are the new ISO standards on sampling for inspection by attributes.  The ISO 28590 is the overview standard, providing an introduction to what is called the “ISO 2859 series.”  The complete title of this new release is Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes – Introduction to the ISO 2859 series of standards for sampling for inspection by attributes.  It and the balance of the newly released series are available now from Document Center Inc.

Of course, here in the U.S. we’ve been using the ASQ-Z1.4 (previously the MIL-STD-105) for many years.  The ISO 2859 series is the European equivalent for this sampling procedure.  The two schemes are both current and can be referenced with confidence.

ISO released the ISO-2859 series back in the 1990’s.  However, with the October release of these new issues, some frequently-used ISO publications have basically been renumbered.  Here is a list of the changed references:

What are the primary changes to these documents?  The revised numbering to bring them all into a series format.  And don’t forget, the old ISO 2859 series standards (Parts 1 through 5) remain in force.

You may also wonder what the European equivalent is for the ASQ Z1.9 standard on inspection by variables.  This would be the ISO 3951 series.

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