ISO/IEC 19988 Core Business Vocabulary Standard Updated

ISO/IEC 19988, the Core Business Vocabulary Standard, has just been updated.  It is the definition document underlying the use of EPCIS for trading partner information exchange.  The new 2nd Edition available now from Document Center Inc.  It replaces the previous 1st Edition from 2015 and is a technical revision.

The ISO/IEC 19988 is the international adoption of the GS1 CBV Core Business Vocabulary Standard.  The 2nd Edition is identical to the CBV Version 1.2 from September 2016.  Changes include the following:

  • New terms for EPCIS error declaration reason identifiers
  • Requirements for the URI structure for EPCIS event identifiers
  • New business step values dispensing and voidShipping
  • New disposition values dispensed and partially_dispensed
  • A new section for trade item master data attributes
  • Expansion of the section on location and party master data attributes

At this point, if you’re not familiar with this standard you’re probably wonder what the heck it’s all about!  EPCIS is a standard used to share trading partner information as products move through the supply chain.  CBV is the definitions document used for common implementation of EPCIS.

These standards underline the increasing reliance on trading partner relationships in order to produce and distribute goods as the global economy takes off.  The need for consumer and regulatory information throughout the product lifecycle is helping to fuel the development of these standards.  And traceability remains a critical issue, as seen in the recent disclosure of sub-standard material shipments of aluminum recently.

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