ISO/IEC 27006 2015 Released – Security Management Systems Certifiers

ISO/IEC 27006, “Information technology – Security techniques – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of information security management systems,” 2015 Edition has just been released.  The new Edition 3.0 is a technical revision of the 2nd Edition from 2011.  As such, it cancels and replaces the previous edition.  You can get your copy now from Document Center Inc.

The ISO/IEC 27006 is used by both certification bodies (CB’s) and those organizations who are registered for ISO/IEC 27001, “Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems – Requirements.”  It contains the criteria for those CB’s that provide auditing and certification services for security management systems, known as ISMS’s.  If you’re a CB, of course you need to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 27006.  But if you’re registered, the standard will help you understand what to expect of your auditor.

While the sections of the standard remain constant from Edition 2 to Edition 3, you’ll notice that the organization of the information within those sections has been changed.  Nowhere is this more noticable than in Section 9 on process requirements.  Here’s how Section 9 on Process requirements in the 2nd Edition was organized:

  • 9.1 General requirements
  • 9.2 Initial audit and certification
  • 9.3 Surveillance activities
  • 9.4 Recertification
  • 9.5 Special audits
  • 9.6 Suspending, withdrawing or reducing scope of certification
  • 9.7 Appeals
  • 9.8 Complaints
  • 9.9 Records of applicants and clients

Now compare and contrast that with the organization of the same Section 9 in the new ISO/IEC 27006 Edition 3.0:

  • 9.1 Pre-certification activities
  • 9.2 Planning audits
  • 9.3 Initial certification
  • 9.4 Conducting audits
  • 9.5 Certification decision
  • 9.6 Maintaining certification
  • 9.7 Appeals
  • 9.8 Complaints
  • 9.9 Client records

As you can see, the same material is addressed but from a new perspective.

I also want to bring another major change to your attention.  There are still 4 Annexes in the new 2015 Edition for ISO/IEC 27006.  However, they now cover different material.  Annex A is informative and is on knowledge and skills for ISMS auditing and certification.  Annex B is normative (must be obeyed!) and is on Audit Time.  Annex C is on methods for audit time calculations.  Annex D is still the guidance for review of implemented ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (instead of 2005), with the Annex A controls.  And the document now has a three item Bibliography, which the previous edition did not have.

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