ISO/TR 27915 – Capturing greenhouse gases

ISO/TR 27915 on capturing and storing greenhouse gases (CO2 in particular) has just been released.  This new Technical Report is a reference document for future standards development.  It’s titled Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage – Quantification and verification.  You can get your copy now from Document Center Inc., an authorized dealer of the ISO standards.

Canada proposed the development of ISO’s Technical Committee TC 265 back in 2011.  This group is working on activities surrounding the capture, transport and storage of greenhouse gases.  The development of this technical report can be considered the baseline review of the current state-of-the-art for quantification and verification.

The committee has previously issued two other standards.  They are the ISO/TR 27912, Carbon dioxide capture – Carbon dioxide capture systems, technologies and processes, and the ISO 27913, Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage – Pipeline transportation systems.  Seven additional standards in the 279XX series are currently in the works.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) then ranks as an essential technology in the race to reduce greenhouse gases.  The issue of qualification and verification (Q&V) is a primary concern of the committee.  And it is essential to providing transparency and accuracy for meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement as well.

The 76-page ISO/TR 27915 begins with the usual scope, referenced documents, and definitions sections.  It then moves directly into the relevant principles, including accuracy of measurement, fungibility of emission reductions, and stakeholder issues.  Next it addresses defining the CCS system and it’s boundaries.  Section 6 is a review of quantification methodologies.  That’s followed by measurement and monitoring, so important in any rigorous system.

Section 8 covers additional environmental impacts of CCS.  Then Section 9 takes a look at data management, reporting and verification.  The document ends with a last Section 10 on conclusions and an extensive 94-item bibliography.  As noted, you’ll find this to be a thorough review of the relevant issues for dealing with the practicalities of greenhouse gas reduction activities.

If you’re working on a plan to reduce your carbon footprint, you’ll want a copy of this new ISO technical report.  You can search for and order all ISO standards at the Document Center Inc. webstore,  Here is a direct link to the order page for the ISO/TR 27915 for your convenience.

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