New ISO 3534-3 released for Statistics – Design of experiments

There a new ISO 3534-3 3rd Edition, “Statistics – Vocabulary and symbols – Part 3: Design of experiments,” that has just been released.  The new revision defines statistical terms and symbols used for the design of experiments.  It is 106 pages in length because the text is in both English and French.

Experiments that use the statistical analysis terms of this standard will have a one-dimensional and continuous response variable.  This standard on statistics also assumes that the error term follows a normal distribution with constant variance.

Definitions contain a wealth of information provided as equations, tables and figures.  Annex A covers Concept Diagrams, with an explanation provided in Annex B.  Checklists for designed experiments can be found in Annex C.  And a description of experimental design from the systems model perspective in presented in Annex D.

There are a total of 3 parts in the ISO 3534 series:

  • ISO 3534-1:2006, Statistics — Vocabulary and symbols — Part 1: General statistical terms and terms used in probability
  • ISO 3534-2:2006, Statistics — Vocabulary and symbols — Part 2: Applied statistics
  • ISO 3534-3:2013, Statistics — Vocabulary and symbols — Part 3: Design of experiments

An additional Part, ISO 3534-4, Statistics — Vocabulary and symbols — Part 4: Survey sampling, is at the draft stage.  The release date has not yet been determined.

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