New ISO/TR 22100-2 addresses risk reduction for machinery

Risk assessment and reduction are two key principles finding their way into standards over the last few years.  ISO 12100, “Safety of Machinery – General Principles for Design – Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction,” was released to help designers identify hazards, estimate risks and reduce them as effectively as possible.  However, when attempting to use the ISO 13849-1, “Safety of Machinery – Safety-Related Parts of Control Systems – Part 1: General Principles for Design,” as part of this process, confusion has arisen.  So the new ISO/TR 22100-2 has been issued to help clarify the situation.

Titled “Safety of machinery – Relationship with ISO 12100 – Part 2: How ISO 12100 relates to ISO 13849-1,” this new Technical Report helps the designer understand when the use of ISO 13849-1 is applicable.  After all, your control system for a piece of machinery has more than just safety functions.  So using ISO/TR 22100-2 to help determine when the ISO 13849-1 should and should not be applied for safety purposes is a great help to the user.

The document reviews the flow of the risk assessment and reduction process of the ISO 12100.  Then it shows, both in textual and visual terms, how the use of the ISO 13849-1 fits into the schema.  It defines the input information needed for ISO 13849-1 conformance.  And it defines the output information that should result from proper implementation.

The standard is the second of a planned set of three documents intended to help clarify the use of the ISO 12100.  The first will cover the relation of the standard to type-B (generic safety) and type-C (machine safety) standards.  The third will cover the implementation of ergonomics in safety standards.  They are as yet untitled and not in development (no committee activity to date).

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