New ISO/TS 13830 guides labeling for goods with nano-objects

New technologies bring new challenges, especially when they begin to be used in consumer products.  The use of nanotechnologies for components of retail items is sure to produce it’s share of public interest.  These little nano-bits are given the acronym PCMNOs (Products Containing Manufactured Nano-Objects).  And now the new ISO/TS 13830 provides guidance for manufacturers and distributors on how to label consumer goods when they are used.

Over time, producers are learning that when new technologies are introduced into their goods, consumers would prefer to be aware of that fact.  Those in favor of the new materials will point to the benefits and improved performance.  However, since the long-term effects are unknown, the public naturally has little information on what the possible adverse effects might be over time.

This technical specification then is a voluntary document, meant to be used by manufacturers and distributors of PCMNO’s.  It is strictly for items that intentionally include nano-particles.  It carries no legal weight so any regulatory or statutory requirements must be considered separately.  It also is neutral in it’s assessment of the use of PCMNO’s in consumer goods.  The specification is strictly a methodology for consistent labeling of these products for the awareness of the end user.

ISO/TS 13830 not only provides concrete guidance on labeling, but also has some examples of what the specific language might be.  This will help any manufacturer or distributor understand the level of detail appropriate for their item.

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