ASTM D6300 updated for Precision and Bias of Petroleum Tests

ASTM D6300 has been updated (again!) and the new revision is available now from Document Center Inc.  The 2017 Edition is titled Standard Practice for Determination of Precision and Bias Data for Use in Test Methods for Petroleum Products and Lubricants.  During the last several years, the standard has been revised one or more times annually.

What are precision and bias?  Precision is how specifically determinability, repeatability, and reproducibility can be achieved.  Bias is defined as the estimate of the systematic error, that is the degree to which estimates fail to meet reality.  Bias comes in two flavors, relative and absolute. Absolute bias is the difference between the estimate and reality.  Relative bias is the difference divided by the reference value.

The ASTM D6300 addresses these issues for petroleum test methods.  It specifically covers issues that crop up in the preparation and planning of interlaboratory programs.  And as noted, the concepts of precision and bias are statistical concepts necessary in laboratory conditions where results can be affected by a number of variables.  They are used to better understand the effects of potential sampling problems.

Changes in this new revision are highlighted in the redline edition.  Terminology (Section 3) has been revised, including a new Note 2. And subscription 8.4 has also be updated.  The redline edition shows each change both as a black line in the margin and with “marked up” text.  Please note: when you purchase the redline edition you also get a clean copy of the new publication.

FYI:  ASTM is a major developer of petroleum standards.  It frequently works with the Institute of Petroleum (based in the UK).  Recently some of their joint publications have undergone administrative changes.  So the ASTM D6300, ASTM D3244, the RR:D02-1007, and the ISO 4259 have been reorganized.  At this point, the RR:D02-1007 can be considered to be replaced by this ASTM D6300.  And the D6300 does differ from the related sections of the ISO 4259.

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