ASTM E10 2017 Edition Released for Brinell Hardness

ASTM E10, Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials, has been updated.  The new 2017 Edition is available from Document Center Inc. now.  You can purchase the document in a number of formats: paper, pdf download, redline, and as part of our Standards Online company access subscription.  This new update replaces the 2015a Edition, which is now obsolete.

I last blogged about the ASTM E10 when the 2015a Edition was released.  In that post, I review the Brinell Hardness test itself.  Check it out if you have questions about the content of the standard.

E10 is extensively used in industry.  So the new changes may impact your testing methods that reference this standard.  The ASTM Committee E28, which oversees this document, has highlighted the following areas where changes occur:

  • A Note A1.4 has been added
  • Sections A1.6.3.8, A1.6.4.9, and A2.8.1.8 have been revised
  • Table 1 has been updated
  • Section 3.2.2 has been added and Sections 3.2.3 and 3.2.5 have been revised
  • Tables A1.2 and A2.6 have been changed
  • Sections A4.5.3, A4.5.4, A4.5.1, A4.5.5, and A4.7.1.3 have been revised

The redline edition will provide you with both a clean copy and a copy of the previous edition with the changes clearly marked.  Look for the bold black lines in the margins of the redline copy.

Of course, if you’re using Standards Online the new Edition will automatically be posted to your account.  If not, you’ll want to purchase a copy now.  Head to Document Center’s webstore at to search for and order ASTM standards from our collection of over 1 million publications.  Here is a direct link to the order page for ASTM E10.

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ASTM E10 Updated again!

ASTM E10, “Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials,” has been updated yet again!  The new 2015a Edition is available from Document Center Inc. now in both paper format and for pdf download.  And as I have mentioned before, ASTM standards that are updated frequently are perfect candidates for our multi-user Standards Online subscription service, since updates are posted to your account immediately with no additional charge.

Of course, I’ve described how the standard provides you with everything you need to know in order to conduct tests to determine the brinell hardness of various metallic materials in previous posts.  So it’s likely that you already use this standard in your operations.

I’m sure that you’re now interested in finding out what the changes are in the 2015a Edition that’s just been released.  But first, since I last reviewed the standard when the 2014 Edition came out, there’s a missing review of the 2015 Edition that has been in effect since July.  So let’s take a look at those changes first, and then we’ll review the 2015a changes after that.

In July, ASTM E10 had changes made to the Annex A.  These can be found is section A1.5.2.3, which covers how many hardness tests you need to make for the daily verification test blocks.

The new 2015a revision (approved by the committee at the beginning of December) is also a technical revision, this time updating the  calculation found in section 3.2.4, for determining the error E in the performance of a Brinell hardness machine.  Additionally, the section on tests for flat surfaces (7.6.3) has been modified.  The ambient temperature section has been updated (7.8).  And Table 5’s values have been completely redone (for the summary of statistical information).

This is indeed a change to the 32-page standard that you’ll want to review, so you’ll want to purchase your copy asap.  Go directly to the Document Center webstore to purchase an authorized copy.  It’s at  And here’s the direct link to the order page for ASTM E10!

And if you want to make sure that you’re able to identify all the changes, contact our staff and ask for the redline edition of this standard.  You’ll receive two copies, one with the mark-up provided by the committee and the other clean copy of the new edition.  Just check in with our staff for more information — you can reach them by phone (650-591-7600) or email (  We’ve been selling authorized copies of the ASTM standards since the 1980’s.  Make us your Standards Experts!

New ASTM E10 2014 Edition – Brinell Hardness

ASTM E10, “Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials,” has just been updated.  If you use this standard, you’ll want to get your copy of the new 2014 Edition from Document Center Inc.  It’s available in paper format, for pdf download, and as part of our Standards Online subscription service for multi-user access.  The new update replaces the 2012 Edition, which is now obsolete.

Quite simply, the Brinell hardness test is an indentation test.  It provides you with a scale to use to measure the penetration of an indenter when it is “loaded” on a test specimen of a specific metallic material test piece.

The standard itself is a 32 page review of how to determine that Brinell hardness number for any metallic material.  It includes the requirements for a Brinell testing machine and the procedures you’ll use when performing Brinell tests.  There are also Annexes that cover verification of your Brinell testing machine, Brinell hardness standardizing machines, the Brinell hardness indenters and Brinell hardness test blocks.

The ASTM E10 is frequently referenced and widely used.  And it is co-numbered AASHTO T70.  Your committee in charge of the E10, ASTM Committee E28, brings the following update to your attention:  Changes to section 9.1.1.  So you’ll be able to review the changes from the last edition fairly easily.

You could also use the ISO 6506-1, ISO 6506-2, ISO 6506-3, and ISO 6506-4 (or the European adoptions of the same) for the Brinell test as well.  However, the convenience of the ASTM standard (all information in 1 document, plus a reasonable price tag) makes it more frequently referenced here in the U.S.

Purchase your copies of any and all of these standards at the Document Center webstore,  Or contact our staff by phone (650-591-7600), fax (650-591-7617) or email (  We’ve been selling standards from our Silicon Valley location since 1982.  Make us your Standards Experts!

New ASTM E10 2012 Edition on Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials

ASTM International has released the new ASTM E10-12, “Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials,” and it’s available now from Document Center Inc.  The test is an indentation hardness test that can provide useful information about metallic materials.  ASTM E10 provides the requirements for a Brinell testing machine and the procedures for performing Brinell hardness tests.

This information may correlate to tensile strength, wear resistance, ductility, or other physical characteristics of metallic materials, and may be useful in quality control and selection of materials.

Brinell hardness tests are considered satisfactory for acceptance testing of commercial shipments, and have been used extensively in industry for this purpose.  However, brinell hardness testing at a specific location on a part may not represent the physical characteristics of the whole part or end product.

ASTM International develops thousands of test methods for a wide range of materials and processes.  All are available from Document Center Inc. in paper or pdf format at our website,  Or contact us by phone (650-591-7600), fax (650-591-7617) or email (  ASTM standards can be purchased in current or obsolete editions.  Just  ask our expert staff for assistance with the documents you need.