MIL-STD-1791 C Fixed Wing Aircraft Cargo Requirements

MIL-STD-1791 has just been updated.  The new Revision C is titled Designing for Internal Aerial Delivery in Fixed Wing Aircraft.  The standard actually addresses design and performance requirement for items that are transported on board USAF (U.S. Air Force) fixed wing cargo aircraft.  This is a 397-page interface standard and is available now from Document Center Inc.

The standard begins with the usual scope, referenced documents and definitions sections.  The main body of the core text covers both general requirements and detailed requirements.  A fairly lengthy notes section is also included.

However, the bulk of the MIL-STD-1791 is to be found in the two Appendices.  Appendix A covers supplemental airlift concepts and procedures.  Appendix B is on aircraft data.  Both are arranged in the usual format, with scope and definitions sections preceding the body of each.

Changes are extensive.  You may find some black lines in the margins.  However, use the “Summary of Change Modifications” starting on page iii for complete information.  Many paragraphs have been added throughout the standard.  Figures have been modified.  Tables have been changed.

In the main, traditional cargo requirements are included in this publication.  In some instances, equipment carried on these cargo aircraft includes personnel — like patient care equipment or what are called seat pallets.  The MIL-STD-1791 provides you with additional resources, but addresses many of the requirements for those situations.

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