EN 16935 Released for Information on Bio-based Products

There’s a new standard EN 16935 out and it’s available from Document Center Inc. now.  It’s titled Bio-based products. Requirements for Business-to-Consumer communication and claims.  It’s a European standard for the business-to-consumer communication of the characteristics of bio-based products.

What are bio-based products?  These are products made from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials.  Of course, there’s many lotions and other cosmetics made from plants.  But now there’s also alternative fuels, bio-plastics, lubricants, candles and a host of other products in this category.

Bio-based products are gaining increasing market share as companies and customers look to reduct their environmental impact in terms of biodegrability, toxicity, and pollution.  Since bio-based products do not rely on petroleum, they have the potential to help reduce our carbon footprint.

What does EN 16935 address?  This new document has requirements for  a transparent and non-misleading business to consumer communications using labeling and claims.  This information centers on the characteristics of bio-based products themselves.  The standard should be used as a tool to generate and transfer this type of data to the consumer.

There are additional expectations for the EN 16935.  The European Standard is intended to be used as an input for product-specific standards and certification schemes in the future.

How can you get a copy of the new document?  You’ll have a wide array of choices since each European nation will publish their national edition as they adopt the standard.  Currently, the English language edition is available from Document Center Inc.  Here is the order page for the BS EN 16935 for your convenience.  Over the next couple of months, additional editions will become available.  You can search for and order them at our Document Center webstore, www.document-center.com.

If you’d like to know more about available standards for bio-based products, please see our Document Center Inc. List of Standards on Biobased Products.  It’s one of our many lists of standards on specific topic areas.

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