New ASTM B488 2011 Edition released on Electrodeposited Coatings of Gold for Engineering Uses

The new ASTM B488-11 Edition has just been released.  The 8 page standard is titled “Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Gold for Engineering Uses.”   This specification covers requirements for electrodeposited gold coatings that contain not less than 99.00 mass % gold and that are used for engineering applications.  It is one of Document Center Inc.’s all-time best selling ASTM standards.

This specification does not cover gold coatings produced from autocatalytic, immersion, and vapor deposition.

Gold coatings conforming to ASTM B488 are employed for their corrosion and tarnish resistance (including resistance to fretting corrosion and catalytic polymerization), bondability, low and stable contact resistance, solderability, and infrared reflectivity. Several types of coatings, differing in gold purity and hardness, are covered by this specification.

Coatings are classified into types, which characterize minimum purity, and codes, which designate Knoop hardness. They can be sampled, tested and conform to specified requirements as to purity, hardness, appearance, thickness, mass per unit area, ductility, adhesion (assessed by either bend, heat, or cutting test), and integrity (including gross defects, mechanical damage, and porosity).

There are 6 Appendixes at the end of the specification, which include non-manditory information only.

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