IEC TR 63097 – Roadmap for Energy Smart Grid Standards

IEC TR 63097, the Smart grid standardization roadmap, has just been released.  It’s a new 320-page Technical Report outlining the way forward in developing the smart power grid.  Companies need to prepare for the long-term impact of technology and interconnectivity.  Without widespread adoption of compatible standards, the development of next level power grid applications will not be possible.

IEC TR 63097 is an example of the importance of standards development supporting technology advances.  This model of setting standards in advance of technical product development and implementation springs from the telecommunications industry.  With ITU in the lead, that industry has been setting global requirements prior to actually providing products and services.  This is quite unlike the traditional standards process, where standardization is the final step in the process.

In any sector facing rapid technological changes, a common question is “What standards should I be using?”  The IEC TR 63097 provides you with guidelines to select the most appropriate set of standards and specifications supporting the smart grid.  However, in some cases, those standards have yet to be completed.

So what will you find in the IEC TR 63097?  The document begins with the usual scope, referenced documents and definition sections.  Then it discusses the Smart Grid context, including drivers and definitions of the Smart Grid itself.  The bulk of the text of the standard is contained in Clause 5.  It’s divided into 10 sections, each on a specific area of concern.  These may be general, like Clause 5.1 with its high-level summary or 5.2 on the general framework.  Other sections present information like the use of the Smart Grid standards map, use cases, interoperability, expected evolutions, cross-cutting technologies, and standards for specific areas relating to smart grids.

There are 2 Annexes.  Annex A consists of a series of tables, presenting a list of standards on the left and the technical areas covered by each standard on the right.  Annex B covers core IEC Standards for smart grids.  Each standard or standard series is reviewed with text and figures (like graphs and the like).  These Annexes are informative only, but of great assistance to the user.

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