IEEE 1012 2016 Update for V&V

IEEE 1012 2016 Edition has just been published.  This new update is a revision of the 2012 Edition and it’s Corrigendum 1 (correction sheet).  The standard is titled Standard for System, Software, and Hardware Verification and Validation.  It helps organizations determine if their products meet the intended use (user needs).

Verification and validation (V&V) processes can be used for systems, software and hardware.  Even interfaces are included in V&V scopes.  It’s used throughout the product lifecycle, a tool for building and maintaining quality in a product or system.  You’ll use objective tools to assess, analyze, evaluate, review, inspect and test products and processes.  It’s an on-going process intended to be used during your product lifecycles, not afterwards.

The 260-page IEEE 1012 provides requirements in terms of activities and tasks to use for V&V.  It begins with the usual scope, referenced documents, and definitions sections.  It then moves on to the relationships between V&V and lifecycle processes.  Clause 5 shows you how to use integrity levels to determine the scope of your V&V processes.  Next you’ll get an overview of the V&V process and testing.  Details follow in Clause 7.

Sections 8, 9, and 10 cover V&V processes for systems, software and hardware respectively.  Clause 11 is on the various reports and other documentation requirements.  And finally, Clause 12 reviews the V&V plan.  13 Annexes then follow.  These are all informative, covering a wide array of issues.  The last is a 22-item bibliography.

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New IEEE 1012 2012 Edition available on System and Software Verification and Validation

The new IEEE 1012 2012 Edition has just been released.  Titled “IEEE Standard for System and Software Verification and Validation,” it’s available from Document Center Inc. in either paper or pdf format.  Verification and validation (V&V) processes include the analysis, evaluation, review, inspection, assessment, and testing of products.

IEEE 1012-2012 applies to systems, software, and hardware being developed, maintained, or reused [legacy, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), nondevelopmental items]. The term software also includes firmware and microcode, and each of the terms system, software, and hardware includes documentation.

Verification and validation processes are used to determine whether the development products of a given activity conform to the requirements of that activity and whether the product satisfies its intended use and user needs.

V&V life cycle process requirements are specified for different integrity levels. The scope of V&V processes encompasses systems, software, and hardware, and it includes their interfaces.

The 2012 Edition replaces IEEE 1012-2004, which is now obsolete.  Copies of IEEE standards are available from Document Center Inc. at our website,  We have been selling the IEEE standards under a license agreement with IEEE since the 1980’s.  Feel free to contact us by phone (650-591-7600), fax (650-591-7617) or email (  to place your order or to find out more.