ISO/IEC 19592-2 – How to share secrets!

ISO/IEC 19592-2 on sharing secrets has just been released.  It is the companion document to the ISO/IEC 19592-1.  OK…  This secret sharing scheme is a cryptographic technique.  It breaks up a message into parts along with a message sharing algorithm for dividing the message and another for putting it back together again.  The new ISO/IEC 19592-2 gives you the mechanisms to do this.  Both are available from Document Center Inc. now.

I blogged about the ISO/IEC 19592-1 when it was released last year.  The new Part 2 is titled Information technology – Security techniques – Secret sharing – Part 2: Fundamental mechanisms.  It specifies how you’ll go about setting up the actual sharing scheme. It will contain two functions — message confidentiality and message recovery.

The standard begins with the usual scope, referenced documents and definition sections.  There is an additional Clause 4 with symbols and abbreviated terms.  Then we move directly into secret sharing schemes themselves in Clause 5.  A number of schemes are reviewed.  These include Shamir and Ramp Shamir.  Additive, replicated additive, and computational additive are also included.  Two informative Annexes cover object identifiers and numerical examples.  An 8-item bibliography completes this 30 page document.

If you need to know how to share a secret, the ISO/IEC 19592 standards are for you.  Purchase your copies from Document Center Inc., an authorized ISO and IEC distributor.  You can find them at our webstore,  Here is a direct link to the order pages for the new ISO/IEC 19592-2 and the ISO/IEC 19592-1 for your convenience.

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