IPC 6012 D Amendment

IPC 6012 Revision D has just been amended.  This is the Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards so important to the electronics industry.  The new IPC 6012 D Amendment 1 is available now from Document Center Inc.  Currently it is only available in pdf format (single user download and site license).  It updates the IPC 6012 D that I reviewed back in 2015.

The IPC 6012 D Amendment makes changes to the existing acceptance criteria for copper wrap plating measurements.  These changes will be valid moving forward (that is, after January 1, 2018).  So your legacy designs will not be impacted.  The new dual criterion for Class 3 copper wrap plating is for newer designs only.

The balance of the Revision D remains stable.  You’ll continue to use this standard for the qualification and performance of rigid printed boards.  This includes such topics as final finish and surface plating requirements, conductors, holes (vias), frequency of acceptance test and quality conformance.  Electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements are also included.

To get your copy of the new amendment, go to the Document Center Inc. webstore at www.document-center.com.  The new publication is featured in our trending documents section.  Here is a link directly to the order page for the IPC 6012 D Amendment 1 for your convenience.

As an authorized distributor of the IPC standards, Document Center Inc. is able to provide you with access to the documents in paper and pdf format.  You can also buy site licensing from us as well.  You’ll notice that the CD Rom format is no longer available for most IPC standards, making the old “kit” option obsolete as well.

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New IPC-6012 Revision D – Rigid Printed Boards

IPC-6012, “Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards,” has just been updated.  The new Revision D is available from Document Center Inc. in paper format, for pdf download, and as a CD Rom.  It replaces the now obsolete Revision C from 2010.

If you’re in the electronics industry, you probably know that this is the standard for the qualification and performance of rigid printed boards.  This can include single-sided, double-sided, multilayer and metal core boards.  You’ll get information on final finish, surface plating coating requirements, coductors, holes and vias, acceptance testing and quality conformance.  And it also includes electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements as well.

The new IPC-6012 Revision D is updated with new requirements for HASL coatings, alternative surface finishes, edge plating, marking, microvia capture and target lands, copper cap plating of filled holes, copper filled microvias and dielectric removal.   You’ll use it with IPC-6011 and also please note:  If you use IPC-6016, it has been replaced by the IPC-6012D as well.

And FYI:  There is also a new supplement that’s been released for the IPC 6012. This new IPC-6012-S, “Space and Military Avionics Applications Addendum to IPC-6012D,” is also available from Document Center Inc.

IPC, and by extension Document Center, offer you a wide range of options when it comes to purchasing your copy of the new edition.  Of course, the print edition remains the most flexible option in many cases, given the traditional portability of the paper format.  Your pdf and CD Rom options are normally single-user copies, meant for the use of 1 person on 1 computer.  Networking solutions need to be quoted separately.  And as an authorized distributor of IPC standards, Document Center honors all IPC prices as well.

You can go ahead and search for the IPC standards you need on our catalog page, www.document-center.com.  Or use these links to go directly to the order page for IPC-6012 paper format, IPC-6012 CD Rom format and IPC-6012 pdf format.   And here’s the links for the supplement: IPC-6012-S paper format and IPC-6012-S pdf format.  Questions?  Contact our staff by phone (650-591-7600) or email (info@document-center.com).  We’ve been providing folks like you with the standards you need since 1982.  Make us your Standards Experts!