ISO 10006 for Quality Management of Projects Updated

ISO 10006 has just been updated.  The new 3rd Edition is dated November, 2017.  It’s titled Quality management – Guidelines for quality management in projects.  The new 2017 Edition replaces the 2nd Edition from 2003, which has been technically revised.  The ISO 10006 is a supporting standard.  It provides you with guidance and is not a management system standard.

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but the new revision was instigated to align this standard with the 2015 Editions of ISO 9000 and ISO 9001.  FYI: the update also supports the 2012 Edition of ISO 21500, on project management.  To help you make the connections between the documents, Annex B is a matrix with the cross references between the ISO 10006, the ISO 9001 and the ISO 21500.

The 42-page ISO 10006 provides you with quality management principles and practices for projects.  You’ll use it for both goals of quality in internal project processes and the quality of the project’s resulting products and/or services.  It doesn’t matter if your organization is small or large.  You’ll just use the level of detail that matches your particular situation.

The document begins with the usual scope, referenced documents, and definition sections.  Clause 4 covers quality management systems in projects.  Next, the management responsibilities for quality are reviewed.  Clauses 6 through 8 provide you with information on other important areas.  These include resource management, product and service realization, and measurement, analysis and on-going improvement.  Annex A is an overview.  Annex B is the matrix we discussed earlier.  And the publication finishes up with a 15-item Bibliography.

To get your copy, you’ll use an authorized ISO distributor like Document Center Inc.  Search for and order the standards you need at our webstore,  Here is a direct link to the order page for ISO 10006 for your convenience.  And the standard has been adopted by the European Union as EN ISO 10006.  Expect the EN and its national adoptions to be updated with the new information in the future.

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New ISO 21500 standard available for Guidance on project management

ISO 21500:2012, “Guidance on project management,” has just been released and is now available from Document Center Inc.  This International Standard provides guidance on concepts and processes of project management that are important for, and have impact on, the performance of projects.

ISO 21500 provides guidance for project management and can be used by any type of organization, including public, private or community organizations, and for any type of project, irrespective of complexity, size or duration.

The new 44-page standard is geared for:

— senior managers and project sponsors, in order to provide them with a better understanding of the principles and practice of project management and to help them give appropriate support and guidance to their project managers, project management teams and project teams,

— project managers, project management teams and project team members, so that they have a common basis upon which to compare their project standards and practices with those of others, and

— developers of national or organizational standards, for use in developing project management standards, which are consistent at a core level with those of others.

Previous project management standards have included the ISO 10006, “Quality management systems — Guidelines for quality management in projects,” and BS 6079-1, “Project management. Principles and guidelines for the management of projects.”  All these standards are available for purchase from Document Center Inc. at our website,  Or contact us by phone (650-591-7600), fax (650-591-7617) or email ( for more information.