ISO 10045 2nd Edition released – Alpine Skis

Are you going to the snow for the winter holidays?  Guess what!  Standards are going to be there with you if you enjoy many winter sports.  So let’s take a look today at the new 2nd Edition for ISO 10045.  It’s titled Alpine skis – Binding mounting area – Requirements for test screws.  This standard has not been revised since the release of the 1st Edition back in 1991.  It’s a technical update.

What exactly is the ISO 10045 about?  It’s a set of requirements for the use of test screws.  These screws are used for testing the binding mounting area of alpine skis.  The standard makes sure the measurement data can be uniformly compared.  It does this by specifying the dimensions, mechanical properties, and fastening characteristics of the test screws.

The 12 page standard actually has 4 pages of technical material.  These include the usual scope, referenced documents and definition sections.  Section 4 is on designation.  The various requirements, including materials, dimensions, strength,  and characteristics like mounting and fastening are covered in Section 5.   The text is supported by a figure of the test screw itself, showing dimensions, etc.

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