ISO 14644-15 – New Cleanroom Standard

The ISO 14644-15 Cleanroom Standard has just been released.  It’s title is Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments – Part 15: Assessment of suitability for use of equipment and materials by airborne chemical concentration.  It’s intended to be used with ISO 14644-8.  You can get your copy now from Document Center Inc. in either paper format or for pdf download.

The ISO 14644 series of standards on cleanrooms is widely used throughout industry.  There are many manufacturing situations where a clean environment is essential.  Some involve classifying the cleanliness level by the concentration of chemicals in the air.  The ISO 14644-15 has been developed to assist users using this method.

One issue for those in charge of cleanrooms is the impact of bringing in “foreign” materials into the cleanroom environment.  Now the ISO 14644-15 gives you a methodology for controlling contamination.  It specifically addresses evaluating equipment and materials that will be introduced into your cleanroom.  This evaluation is for the chemical airborne cleanliness of these items.  If you determine cleanliness classes by chemical concentration per ISO 14644-8, this will be immensely valuable.

The new standard begins with the usual scope, referenced documents, and definitions sections.  Nine additional sections cover symbols, test setup, representative mode, visual inspection, a description of the test, calculation of the measured concentrations, calculation of the specific emission rate, the assessment itself, and your documentation.  There are also 3 informative Annexes and a 19-item bibliography.  The Annexes can help you evaluate such items as flooring and wallpaper.

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