New ISO Standards on Non-destructive Ultrasonic Testing have just been released

ISO has just released 6 new standards addressing the topic of non-destructive ultrasonic testing.  The standards are based on the EN 583 series and are available from Document Center Inc. now.

These new standards are:

ISO 16810:2012, “Non-destructive testing — Ultrasonic testing — General principles”

ISO 16811:2012, “Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing – Sensitivity and range setting”

ISO 16823:2012, “Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing – Transmission technique”

ISO 16826:2012, “Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing – Examination for discontinuities perpendicular to the surface”

ISO 16827:2012, “Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing – Characterization and sizing of discontinuities”

ISO 16828:2012, “Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing – Time-of-flight diffraction technique as a method for detection and sizing of discontinuities”

Another recent release, based on EN 15317:2007, is also interconnected:

ISO 16831:2012, “Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing – Characterization and verification of ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment”

All these new releases can be purchased in paper or pdf format from Document Center Inc. at our website,  Or consider contacting us by phone (650-591-7600), fax (650-591-7617) or email (  Our StandardsInformer product can help you identify newly-released standards that might have an impact on your business.  Ask us about it.