ISO 9296 on Noise Emissions updated

ISO 9296 for noise emissions has just been updated.  It’s titled Acoustics – Declared noise emission values of information technology and telecommunications equipment.  This 24-page 2nd Edition replaces the 1st Edition from 1988.  It is a technical update so if you use this standard, you need to purchase the new revision.  It’s available now from Document Center Inc.

Acoustical noise emission from IT and Telecommunications equipment does take place.  Measurements of these emissions is required for a number of purposes, including workplace considerations.  So gathering and reporting this information needs to be done according to consistent and pre-defined criteria.  ISO 9296 provides users with information on determining specified sound values for a batch of equipment, how the resulting information should be published, and the method for verifying noise emission values.

ISO 9296 2017 begins with the usual scope, referenced documents and terms and definitions sections.  Please note that definitions are divided into sections for general, acoustical and statistical terms.  Section 4 covers conformity requirements for both declarations and verification.  Section 5 reviews how to determine the various noise emission values you’ll need to declare.

In Section 6, the standard moves on to the presentation of the declared noise emission values themselves.  Verification is covered in Section 7.  Annex A is normative (must be followed).  It provides you with the procedure for determining the “statistical adder for verification Kv.”  Annexes B and C are both informative only.  Annex B is examples of noise emission declarations and C reviews the character of noise.  A new 10-item Bibliography has been added to complete the document.

In addition to the Bibliography, the Annex A is also new in this edition.  And certain referenced documents have been moved to the Bibliography.  Other technical changes have been made but are not clarified in the forwarding information.

Correct calculation and reporting of noise emissions may be important to your business.  If so, you need to get the new 2nd Edition now.  It’s available from the Document Center Inc. webstore,   We’re an authorized dealer of the ISO standards. Here is a direct link to the order page for the ISO 9296 for your convenience.

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