MIL-PRF-44073 for Food Packages Updated

MIL-PRF-44073 has just been updated.  The new Revision H is available now from Document Center Inc. in both paper format and pdf download.  The title of the specification is Packaging of Food in Flexible Pouches.  It was previously numbered MIL-P-44073.

The new edition of this military document is 26 pages in length.  It is a performance spec, giving you the parameters for the flexible pouches used to package food.  These pouches may be provided individually or packaged into sleeves.  They are divided into 2 major types: institutional sizes and individual packets.  The use of styles sets up additional subsets within these classifications.

The new Revision H is a major update, so lines in the margins are not provided to help you spot the changes.  However, you will notice that sections with modifications are actually highlighted by the use of colors (red and blue).  So comparison of the previous Revision G and the new one should be easier than you might at first expect.

One improvement is the use of an Appendix to provide additional guidance for section 3 on Requirements.  This is a mandatory section that includes the figures that were previously at the end of the document.  A new figure for sleeve design is also included.

If you provide food or packaging for food to the DoD (and other commercial applications), you’ll want a copy of this new update.  Document Center Inc. has been selling mil specs and standards since 1982, so you’ll find many current and obsolete editions for sale at our webstore,  Here is a direct link to the order page for MIL-PRF-44073 for your convenience.

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