New AMS-S-8802 Revision C covers fuel resistant sealants

AMS-S-8802, Sealing Compound, Temperature Resistant, Integral Fuel Tanks and Fuel Cell Cavities, High Adhesion, has just been released as Revision C, dated 3/28/2011.  This important standard covers temperature resistant, two component synthetic rubber compounds of the polysulfide type for sealing and repairing integral fuel tanks and fuel cell cavities.  It is intended for continuous service use in the temperature range from -65 to +250 °F (-54 to 121 °C).

This sealing compound has been used typically for fuel tank sealing, cabin pressure sealing, and aerodynamic smoothing, but usage is not limited to such applications. It can be used for faying surface sealing, for wet-installation of fasteners, for overcoating fasteners, and for sealing joints and seams. The sealing compound can be used in fuel areas as well as in non-fuel areas. It may in some cases be used as a non-structural adhesive. It cures at room temperature and the cure can be accelerated by higher temperatures.

The document specifies two types of sealing compounds.  One is based on Dichromate Cured Sealant Material with a dichromate curing agent. The other is Manganese Dioxide Cured Sealant Material with a manganese dioxide curing agent.  Each of the two types is further broken down into classes A, B and C.

AMS-S-8802 Revision C replaces the AMS-S-8802 Revision B from 2005.  The document was formerly published as the military specification MIL-S-8802. Copies of both documents, and all AMS and all available military specifications and standards, can be purchased from Document Center Inc.  Use our website,, or phone (650-591-7600), fax (650-591-7617) or email ( us your order.  Our staff is happy to help you both with orders and with questions.  And consider us for monitoring services as well.