MIL-DTL-901 Revision E is Shock Test Update

MIL-DTL-901 Revision E has just been released as the update for MIL-S-901.  This important test specification is titled Shock Tests, H.I. (High-Impact) Shipboard Machinery, Equipment, and Systems, Requirements for.  It is available from Document Center Inc. now in paper format, for pdf download and as part of our Standards Online cloud access service.

This specification has not been updated since 1989.  The new MIL-DTL-901 is an extensive revision of the previous edition, which is now obsolete.  It is specifically for high-impact shock test requirements for machinery, equipment and so on.  These systems and structures are to be used aboard surface ships, including carriers.  Submarines are also in this category.  Why use this test?  To make sure on-board equipment and systems can withstand the impact of shocks that might occur during operation or attack.

The MIL-DTL-901 is now officially a detail specification. This means that there are unique requirements in this document that cannot be met using various industry documents.  Additionally, the specification lays out in detail exactly how to perform the required tests, including test equipment and so on.  The redesignation of the number from MIL-S-901 to MIL-DTL-901 confirms the upgrade.

In reviewing the changes, I note that the previous Revision D was only 83 pages while the new Revision E is 142.  The new edition is in a modern format, with a table of contents missing in the earlier edition.  The text is much clearer now that the document is no longer a reproduction of a type-written original.  The figures at the end of the publication are clearer and cleaner.  And an Appendix A, Example of Shock Response Frequency (SRF) Calculation, has been added.

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