RR-C-271 Revision F released on Chains and Attachments, Carbon and Alloy Steel

Federal Specification RR-C-271 Revision F has just been released.  Titled “Chains and Attachments, Carbon and Alloy Steel,” the specification covers carbon and alloy steel chain of commercial quality together with the attachments most commonly used with this type of chain.  The RR-C-271F replaces the now-obsolete RR-C-271E from December 2010.

The 45 page revision covers the following classes and styles for Type I welded steel chain:

Class 1 – Alloy chain (overhead lift), Class 2 – High-test chain, Class 3 – Transport chain, Class 4 – Proof-coil chain and for Class 5 – Twist-link chain – Style 1 – Long-link pattern (coil) and Style 2 – Short-link pattern (machine)

For Type II weldless (forged and casting) chain, the following classes are included:

Class 1 – Single-loop pattern chain, Class 2 – Double-loop pattern chain, Class 3 – Sash chain, Class 4 – Flat-link chain, Class 5 – Bead chain, Class 6 – Plumber’s chain, Class 7 – Single-jack chain, Class 8 – Double-jack chain, Class 9 – Ladder chain, Class 10 – Register chain, and Class 11 – Mechanical communication chain.

Federal specifications do not include all types, grades, classes, and styles of the commodities indicated by the title of the specification, or which are commercially available, but are intended to cover the types that are suitable for Federal Government requirements.

The RR series of Federal Specifications covers end products purchased by the U.S. Government that are made of metal.  So some items in this grouping include metal paper napkin dispensers and chain link fencing.  Many of the documents in the series have been canceled long ago, replaced by commercial item descriptions (CID’s) or withdrawn without replacement.

With new revisions of government standards, you may or may not find clear notation of the changes from the previous edition.  If you’re lucky, there will be lines in the margins (or sometimes asterisks) bringing those areas to your attention.  However, in the case of RR-C-271F, section 6.5 notes that identification of changes with respect to the previous issue are not present due to the extensive changes.

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