AAMI TIR15 for Medical Device Sterilization Updated

AAMI TIR15 2016 Edition has just been released.  This Technical Information Report is titled Physical aspects of ethylene oxide sterilization.  It has been written to provide additional guidance for the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11135.  Since the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11135 was revised in 2014, there was a need to update the TIR as well.  The new 2016 Edition replaces the previous 2009 Edition, which is now obsolete.

Topics covered by the AAMI TIR15 are sterilization equipment, considerations for preconditioning, calculations for relative humidity, calculations of ethylene oxide (EO) concentration, and flammability.  Also covered are some of the physical aspects of ethylene oxide sterilization.

The AAMI TIR15 begins with the usual scope and definitions sections.  The next topic covered is EO sterilization processing equipment.  The report then moves on to how to determine the minimum product temperature needed prior to preconditioning.  Methods for calculating the moisture content, the EO concentration, and the use of the flammability curve follow.  Section 8 is a guide for using statistical comparison for determining the process equivalence.  A 28-item bibliography completes this 37-page report.

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