IPC-6013 D is here for Flexible Printed Boards

IPC-6013 has been updated again.  The new Revision D is available now from Document Center Inc. in both paper and pdf download formats.  The title of the standard is Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible/Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards.  These requirements are for flexible printed boards designed to IPC-2221 and IPC-2223.  This new edition replaces all previous revisions, including the Revision C from 2013.

For a general overview of this standard, see my previous post from early 2014 when the Revision C became publicly available:  IPC-6013C Released.  This will give you an idea of the coverage of this important IPC standard.

The 80-page Revision D hhas a number of of changes.  These are marked in the text by the use of a grey background for areas with updates.  The changes are spread throughout the publication.  For  example, the IPC-6016 was cancelled by IPC.  So relevant HDI conformance and acceptance criteria are now part of this new IPC-6013 Revision D.

Other IPC-6013 D new and updated requirements cover:

  • final finishes,
  • rigid-to-flex transition zones,
  • deformation anomalies including wrinkles, creases and soda strawing,
  • marking,
  • registration (annular ring),
  • conductor thickness reductions,
  • dielectric removal in holes,
  • resin smear,
  • copper filled microvias and
  • selective (button) hole plating.

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