They’re here! New ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 2015 Editions…

ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 have been updated.  The authorized 2015 Editions are here now for you to download in single user pdf format from Document Center Inc.  Prefer paper copies?  You can order those now too!  Want access for your whole company?  You’ll check in with our staff to get your Standards Online service started for “standards in the cloud” service!

Here’s what.  The ISO 9000, “Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary,” 2015 Edition was released this morning.  The pre-order price of $51.00 proved wrong and so the corrected price is now $240.00.  (Don’t you wish you had pre-ordered your copy from Document Center Inc.?)  It’s a lengthy update – 58 pages compared to the 3rd Edition’s 37 page count.   I bet there will be a corrected reprint fairly shortly, as it is marked with the wrong price code on the last page (the reason for the confusion regarding the price.)

The ISO 9001, “Quality Management Systems — Requirements,” 2015 Edition was also issued today.  No pricing goof-ups on this one — The $173.00 pre-order price is correct.  Remember, this is your requirements standard so if you are ISO 9000 “certified” this is the document you’ll need for your next audit.  Get your copy now, review the changes and make those modifications to your quality system now while there’s plenty of time!

How can you get your copies?  Use the Document Center website,, of course.  Here’s the direct link to get your copy of ISO 9000 and your link for your copy of ISO 9001.  And we’ve just launched an ISO 9000 store, with all your ISO 9000 standards and collections gathered in one location.  Check it out at  What are the benefits of using the ISO 9000 store?  You can pay with a credit card and download your standard immediately — It’s fully automated.  And there’s a Quality Toolbox for you to use with helpful tools for your gap analysis!

Remember, we’re your Standards Experts.  Use Document Center Inc. every time you need a standard!