New IEEE 45.1 for the Design of Shipboard Electrical Installations

IEEE 45.1 has just been released.  The title is Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard – Design.  It is part of the IEEE standard 45 series on recommended practices for electrical installations on ships and marine platforms.  It has been developed by IEEE’s Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee.

The IEEE 45.1 is intended to be used with each of the other standards in the series.  The design recommendations include a variety of power systems (ac, dc, emergency), shore power, power quality and harmonics, electric propulsion and maneuvering systems, motors and drives, thrusters, and steering systems.  These systems will all be installed shipboard.   Further, the topics in IEEE 45.1 should be considered throughout the life of the project.  This covers the design phase through construction.  It is intended to facilitate the integration of such electrical systems at the shipyard level.

In the past, IEEE 45 was a single standard.  Now with the division of the document into the 9 parts, there are changes you need to be aware of.  The IEEE 45 is still a valid document.  But now there are an additional 8 parts.  These cover design (the 45.1) as well as controls and automation, systems engineering, marine sectors and mission systems, safety considerations, electrical testing, ac switchboards, and cable systems.  Most of the standards in the series have been published.

The 198-page standard includes the usual scope, referenced documents, and definition sections.  Then there are an addition 25 sections for a wide variety of considerations.  These range from system engineering, power system characteristics and design, to whistle and siren control systems and heating equipment, to system studies, analysis and reports.  There is an 11-item bibliography as well as a normative Annex B.  This covers electric plant load analysis.

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