Whatever happened to MIL-STD-105?

MIL-STD-105, “Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes,” is another of those popular military standards that got cancelled during Mil Spec reform in the mid-1990’s.  The documents referenced in the cancellation notice can cause confusion for users, so some assistance with this can be helpful.

The last revision of the MIL-STD-105 was Revision E from 1989.  This last issue was cancelled three times, first in 1995, then in 2001 and finally in 2008.  Cancellation Notice 1 from 1995 simply replaced the standard with ASQC-Z1.4 (now ASQ-Z1.4).  This ASQ document is actually a reprint of the MIL-STD-105 and an obvious choice to use in lieu of the MIL Standard.

However, Notice 2 from 2001 really put a wrench in the works.  It stated “MIL-STD-105E … is hereby canceled without replacement.  Current DOD PREFERRED METHODS FOR ACCEPTANCE OF PRODUCTS are described in MIL-STD-1916… and should be considered for future acquisitions.”  However, MIL-STD-1916 is an administrative standard.

In fact, MIL-STD-1916 was developed to encourage defense contractors to submit process control (prevention) procedures instead of using prescribed sampling requirements like those detailed in ASQ-Z1.4.  In other words, the standard supports the DoD desire to change contractual requirements from a system of acceptable quality levels to one of continuous improvement.

Quality documents referenced by MIL-STD-1916 include ASQ-B1, B2, and B3, ISO-8402, and ISO-9000 (ASQ-Q9000) and ISO-9004 (ASQ-Q9004).  They are all quality standards, but do not address the issue of sampling by attributes, with the many tables that ASQ-Z1.4 contains.

Apparently, this approach got some push-back because in 2008, Cancellation Notice 3 again modified the replacement information.  It now allows for use of either the MIL-STD-1916 or the ASQ-Z1.4.

And while we’re on the topic of the ASQ-Z1.4, we should also mention the ASQ-Z1.9 standard, “Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Variables for Percent Non-conforming.”  It’s the replacement document for the cancelled MIL-STD-414 (with the same title).  The two ASQ documents are often purchased at the same time and can really be considered to be a set.

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