BS EN 55011 Corrected

BS EN 55011, the English language copy of the EN adoption of CISPR 11, has just been corrected.  The standard is titled Industrial, scientific and medical equipment – Radio-frequency disturbance characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement.  It was recently updated as the 2016 Edition with Amendment 1 from 2017.  An additional corrigendum (correction sheet) has just been released.  It is available from Document Center Inc. now.  If you already purchased the previous edition from us please let us know.  We offer a special deal for corrigendums for those of you who bought the standard from us.

This is not an unusual situation.  Most times the editorial review of a standard will catch mistakes prior to publication.  But occasionally, an error or two will make it into the final document.  Of course, usually the first users of the standard will spot a mistake and the standard is fixed.  However, we have had examples of customers finding errors years after a standard was formalized.

If you use BS standards, you’ll want to understand how to spot the revision history.  Look inside the front cover of the document.  There you’ll find a table at the bottom of the page labeled “Amendments/corrigenda issued since publication.”  For the BS EN 55011, you’ll see the implementation of the Amendment 1 on July 31, 2017.  And you’ll see the listing for the correction on October 31, 2017 as well.

A lovely feature of this table is that you’ll get information on each update.  For the corrigendum, it says “Supersession details in national foreword corrected.”  The bad news is that there is no further detail about what this means.

So in this case, you’ll look for the National foreward, which is on the same page as the table.  You’ll soon realize that the correction is very important.  In the 2016 Edition with Amendment 1, the standard correctly replaces the 2016 Edition.  But it also says that the 2016 Edition has been withdrawn.  Now in the corrected edition it shows that the 2016 Edition will be withdrawn on April 21, 2020.  This gives you additional time to make the transition from one edition to the next.

I hope you can see that corrigendums and other correction sheets can contain information critical to your proper use of a standard.  And if you’re using the BS EN 55011, you’ll want to get your copy now to keep your compliance documentation current.  Use the Document Center Inc. webstore at to purchase your authorized copy.  Here is a direct link to the order page for BS EN 55011 for your convenience.   We are authorized distributors of the BS standards collection, so you can buy with confidence from us.

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