ISO 19202 Standards Released for Summer Toboggan Runs

It’s summer and you’re off for your family vacation soon.  Will your trip include a visit to a summer toboggan run?  This new sport is exciting and allows traditionally winter venues to provide you with summer activities too.  And the new ISO 19202 series provides the requirements to insure that this type of sports facility is safe.

ISO 19202 comes in 2 parts.  The first specifies the safety requirements for planning this type of track.  It’s titled Summer toboggan runs – Part 1: Safety requirements and test methods.  These requirements extend to the design, calculation, manufacturing, erection, testing and commissioning of these summer toboggan runs.  Part 2, Safety requirements for operation, includes the safety requirements for on-going operations.  These cover signage, maintenance, repair, modifications and general operations.

Both standards are rooted in the concept of risk management.  ISO 19202-1 has a list of significant hazards in Section 4.  Section 5 on safety requirements covers the complete range of concerns to be addressed during manufacturing.  These include not only the manufacturing requirements, but also specifics for the toboggans, the track, the entrance and exit areas, the uphill transportation system, the clearance zone, electrical equipment, and other special safety equipment and precautions.

Part 1 also includes requirements for your calculations, various tests and inspections, as well as marking, commissioning, and technical documentation.  Two Annexes are provided.  The informative Annex A is an example of load combinations (per EN 1993).  Annex B is required.  It’s on track calculation.  A brief bibliography completes the standard.

ISO 19202-2 on the other hand addresses issues for the operator.  Requirements are provided in Section 4.  Operational requirements are covered by Section 5.  Signs, maintenance, repair and modification requirements and environment aspects are included.  The ISO 19202 Part 2 has 3 Annexes. Annex A is required and reviews minimum signage, including safety and combination signs.  Both Annex B and Annex C are informative.  The first is an example of risk analysis, the second is an example of an operational logbook.

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