Document Control – How to manage a Standards Collection

Quality and Compliance professionals know the importance of standards in the business setting.  But keeping a standards collection current and correct can be a challenge for any organization.

Here at Document Center Inc., we’ve been working with standards for over 28 years.  So we’ve got some experience in collecting and maintaining standards!

Managing standards is an essential function in any organization.  Standards can positively or negatively impact your reputation and cause regulatory and quality problems.   And regulatory and quality problems eventually create legal liabilities which are much cheaper to avoid than to repair.

We believe that by separating the documentation function into 5 easy pieces, any organization can have a reliable standards system.  Here’s our plan:

Rule 1 – Define

Rule 2 – Assess

Rule 3 – Control Usage

Rule 4 – Procure

Rule 5 – Monitor

I’ll be using subsequent blogs to review the 5 Rules.  Each requires some discussion so that you are able to institute good practices throughout the standards lifecycle.

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Claudia Bach

Claudia Bach is the President of Document Center Inc. and a world-wide recognized expert on Standards and Standards Distribution. You can connect with her on Google+