How does Document Center audit your standards collection?

Document Center Inc. has been in the business of monitoring and selling standards since 1982.  With this much experience, we know standards better than almost anyone else around!  So when customers ask, “Who can audit my standards collection?” Document Center is the answer.

When our customers are facing compliance-driven certification audits, they want to minimize the risk of discovering their standards are out-of-date.  Asking staff members to look up the various documents they use is time-consuming and error-prone.

But Document Center Inc. is getting information on new releases every day.  And we keep all this information in our in-house database of standards that monitors over 750,000 different items.

By handing over your list of standards to Document Center to review, you know that you’ll be aware of the current edition of every item on your list, including amendments, correction sheets, and other add-on components that can elude the standards novice.

A Document Center Audit is quick, taking anywhere from 1 day to 1 week depending on the number of standards to review.  Its also frees up your staff to concentrate on other activities to prepare for your conformance review.

You’ll get a complete list of the items you need to bring your collection into current status.  And if you additionally request us to monitor the list for you in the future, you can get timely notification of all changes to the conformance standards you depend on in your business.

Contact our sales staff at (650) 591-7600 or email us at  We’ll be happy to work with you to get you in tip-top shape for your upcoming review.

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