ISO 9241-125 – Human Factors for Information Presentation

ISO 9241-125 has recently been released.  This new standard is titled Ergonomics of human-system interaction – Part 125: Guidance on visual presentation of information.  And it has just been adopted for use by the European Union.  You can get your copies now from Document Center Inc.

The ISO 9241-125, along with the ISO 9241-112, replace the ISO 9241-12 (which is now obsolete).  It is intended to be used by user interface designers, project managers responsible for the development process, and both buyers and end users.  It may be used as a reference in the procurement process.  And it should result in better “interface style guides” for industry.

Consistent interface presentation of information results in an easier time for users of software and hardware products.  Well-designed interfaces take into account human perception and memory limitations.  So the standard addresses a wide range of interface issues like color, the structure of information and so on.

It begins with the usual scope, referenced documents, and definition sections.  Then Clause 4 reviews the application of the standard, covering general guidance on broad concerns when presenting visual information.  Clause 5, for visual structuring, includes information on sequencing, density, functional groupings and labeling, and so on.  Next Clause 6 provides you with information on user interface elements you can use to organize information  This includes things like item numbering, the use of tables and windows, and the like.

Graphical objects are covered in Clause 7.  These are elements like the cursor, icons, and so on.  The next section, Clause 8, is on coding techniques.  This is a reference to the use of codes like “US” and “CN” to replace country names, and other acronyms and symbols.  Clause 9 covers the use of color.  A 13-item bibliography concludes this 50 page standard.

Human factors have an important role to play in your product design for the presentation of information.  This standard will be of great value to those of you tasked with this challenge.  To get your copy, choose an authorized distributor of ISO standards like Document Center Inc.  You can use our webstore at to search for and order your ISO standards.  Here is a direct link to the order page for ISO 9241-125 for your convenience.

Our website is also quite useful for finding standards on various topics.  One helpful tool is our list of standards by international classification codes.  Here is a link to the page for our List of Standards on Ergonomics.

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