ISO/IEC TS 33073 – Process Assessment

ISO/IEC TS 33073 has just been released to help you set up a quality management process assessment model (PAM).  This is a set of indicators for process performance and process capability.  They are to be used to collect objective evidence for your assessor.  The PAM supported by this standard meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 33004.  It is available now from Document Center Inc.

The standard is titled Information technology – Process assessment – Process capability assessment model for quality management.  It is designed to support self-assessment for process quality.  You’ll use it as the basis for your on-going improvement cycle.  And it provides you with a methodology for an actual process rating.

No matter the size of your organization or the types of processes you use, you’ll find the ISO/IEC TS 33073 to be applicable.  The 308-page standard begins with the usual scope, referenced documents and definition sections.  Section 4 reviews the process assessment model (PAM) itself.  You’ll get an overview of the structure of a PAM, the assessment indicators, and measuring process capability.

Section 5 covers various process performance indicators, divided into types.  COM.01 through COM.11 are administrative (like management review and operational planning).  ORG.01, ORG.02, and ORG.03 cover asset management, measurement resource management and supplier management respectively.  The 11 TEC indicators deal with configuration and product/service issues.  A final TOP indicator is on leadership.  Each of the indicators is presented as a table, featuring critical features of each.

Section 6 provides you with information on process capability indicators.  This time they’re organized by levels, from zero to five.  Information is presented in a combination of text and tables.  You’ll see how to define your requirements, identify and establish objects and measurements, create documentation, and so on.  Overview tables of the processes and attributes will supply you with visual support.

The ISO/IEC TS 33073 contains 3 informative Annexes.  Annex A is on conformity of the PAM, Annex B covers input and output characteristics, and Annex C reviews the relationship between this standard and the ISO 9001 requirements.  An 11-item bibliography completes the standard.

You can purchase your copy of this new edition now at Document Center Inc.’s webstore,  Here is a direct link to the order page for ISO/IEC TS 33073 for your convenience.  If you are ISO 9000 certified, you’ll want to learn more about our support services.  Check in with our staff by phone (650-591-7600) or email (  We have a range of products and services to help every size business improve document compliance outcomes.  Find out why so many companies make us their Standards Experts!

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