MIL-C-81904, Coating Compound, Thermal-Insulation, Ablative, renumbered MIL-PRF-81904 with the release of new Revision C

MIL-PRF-81904 Revision C, titled “Coating Compound, Thermal-Insulation” has just been issued.  It is the replacement for MIL-C-81904 Revision B (“Coating Compound, Thermal-Insulation, Ablative,”) from 1991.  This specification covers asbestos-free, thermal-insulating coating compound.  The thermal protection coating is used for the exterior surfaces of aircraft ordnance to delay cook-off during exposure to a liquid fuel fire.

Marginal notations are not used in this 27-page revision to identify changes with respect to the previous issue due to the extent of the changes.

The change of the document identifier MIL-C-81904 to the new designation MIL-PRF-81904 reflects one of the many changes to military specifications and standards during mil spec reform in the mid-1990’s.  Because the military was directed to reduce dependence on internally generated documentation and move to industry standards where-ever possible, there was a need to identify those items that were unique to the military and needed to be maintained in the new regulatory environment.

It was determined that essential military specifications would be segregated into two types of documents:  Performance Specifications and Detail Specifications.  The detail specification would provide instructions on manufacturing something to an exact blueprint (e.g., uniforms).  Whereas performance specifications would define the performance requirements needed for a particular item and leave it up to the manufacturer to determine how to meet those requirements (for example, development of a sleeping bag to be used in extremely cold weather).

When a document number is modified to show that it is either a performance specification (MIL-PRF-) or a detail specification (MIL-DTL-), it then can be called out in military procurement with confidence that the document is valid in the post-mil spec reform world.

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